Fuchen Ma

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PhD student, Tencent Elite Talent
Software System Security Assurance Group - WingTecher Lab,
Tsinghua University (THU)
Beijing, China
Phone: +86 188 1006 5655
Email: mafc19@mails.tsinghua.edu.cn
Google Scholar Profile: Fuchen Ma at Google Scholar

About me

I received the B.S. degree in software engineering from Beijing University of Posts and Telecommunications (BUPT), China, in 2019. Now I'm purchacing for my Ph.D in Tsinghua University.


My research interests include

Recent Publications

  1. EVM*: From Offline Detection to Online Reinforcement for Ethereum Virtual Machine(SANER’19). [pdf]
    F Ma, Y Fu, M Ren, M Wang, Y Jiang, K Zhang, H Li, X Shi

  2. EVMFuzzer: detect EVM vulnerabilities via fuzz testing(ESEC/FSE’19). [pdf]
    Y Fu, M Ren, F Ma, H Shi, X Yang, Y Jiang, H Li, X Shi

  3. Enfuzz: Ensemble fuzzing with seed synchronization among diverse fuzzers(USENIX Security’19).[pdf]
    Y Chen, Y Jiang, F Ma, J Liang, M Wang, C Zhou, X Jiao, Z Su


  1. FISCO National Blockchain Application Competition: Third Prize

  2. Selected into Tencent Elite Talent Training Program